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Our Approach
The arC Approach
Rapid Planning to Focused Implementation

We implement the arC Approach to deliver a rapid planning to implementation method. When devising your plan, we sift through the noise of endless possibilities and harness your unique core business values. We develop a comprehensive guide for your business and creative strategy that energizes and focuses your unique 3-5 key business components and drivers. Together we devise a tactical plan that will accelerate your business and change your trajectory.


The arC Approach is a fusion of strategy and creativity that promises results. We stand by these results and customize unique solutions for your business. The arC Approach is a strategic planning process where we guide you through the Realm of Possibility to Focused Implementation. With our innovative arC Approach to planning, we keep up with the pace of business and we move more efficiently than a traditional multi-year strategic planning model. 


Let us put our arC Approach to the test. Find out how your business can benefit from this informed, responsive, efficient and effective process. Our promise is results. We offer a wide range of payment options from traditional compensation models to performance based compensation agreements.


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Moving your business from obscurity to the arc Apex that focuses implementation


The simplicity and strength of this approach is a rapid planning phase that must be undertaken before tactics are made and action taken. If properly managed and facilitated, the planning phase can be started and finished within 1 week. Here’s an overview:


  1. Realm of Possibility:  

Information overload and obscurity will cloud your brand and muddy your business vision. The first phase of the arc Approach is dependent on information, discussion and dialogue. We audit all of your existing information and with the goal of identifying common themes. We analyze your historic inventory of your business goals, market research and planning documents. We discuss market trends and perform PESTLE analysis and SWOT analysis. In addition, we evaluate customer data, mission/vision directives, values statements, competitor assessments and any other pertinent business statements or documents. Harnessing possibility and creating a clear path informs your plan.


  2. What Matters: 

Building on the possibility analysis, the arc Approach aims higher to reach the core of your business. In this phase, we answer core value questions: Who are you? What makes you unique? Why should your employees and customers care? Further arc Approach analysis of What Matters: What is working and what is not working? Where do you win and where do you lose? How do you fit in the market? What makes you competitive? What are your sustainable advantages? What can you control? What strategy can take you from ordinary to extraordinary? What is does it take to change your trajectory and take you to the next level?


  3. arC Apex of Business Strategy & Creative Strategy:  

Guided by sound information and narrative with clear, focused values, the arc Apex of the plan is a business and creative strategy that encompasses 3 to 5 ‘things.’ Your unique, customized and focused plan operates as a filter that clarifies the hundreds of competing business ‘everythings’. If articulated correctly, it informs the direction and action of anything and everything in the organization. The formation of the Creative Strategy is fused with the Business Strategy and it informs creative briefs that articulate the brand, personality, voice, tone, imagery and all creative aspects required to bring business and creative strategy to life.

  4. Tactical Planning: 

This is a rapid exercise which is the final point of focus to ensure we don’t jump from Strategy to a hodgepodge of tactics across disciplines of the company. At this stage, all business functions, departments, business units, projects and stakeholders are viewed under the lens and the clarity of the arC Apex of Business and Creative Strategy. All tactical planning must support the unique direction and all aspects of the business model must carry specific briefs. The result is a focused plan for the entire project and a unified model for implementation. 


  5. Focused Implementation: 

Informed by effective planning and creative business strategy that is unique to your business or project, at this stage ANY tactic that has passed through the arc Apex filter of Strategy and Tactical Planning is 100% focused on the things that will make the organization successful. Change the trajectory of your business.


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