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Our Approach
Rapid Planning to Focused Implementation

If you fail to plan, you plan to fail.


However, planning that used to take weeks or months with the arC Hourglass approach can achieve the same results in days or weeks.  Strategic direction driven by business goals, brand clarity, customer insight, market opportunities and the competitive landscape is locked in and informs all tactical implementation.    


The simplicity and strength of this approach is a rapid planning phase that must be undertaken before tactics are made and action taken. If properly managed and facilitated, the planning phase can be started and finished within half time or less than your traditional planning cycle.

arC has deep expertise in marketing and communications execution including:

  • Website development

  • Content development for Web 

  • Social media strategy and execution

  • Digital and social ad campaigns 

  • Lead generation

  • Illustration services

  • Video production

  • Public relations

  • Media relations

  • Story development

  • Writing

    • Content development

    • Article writing

    • Creative writing

    • Long copy

    • Short copy

    • Tech writing

  • Project management


We have executed, analyzed and learned from hundreds of campaigns.  Allow us to apply our expertise to your offerings.

Want to learn more about how the arC Approach can help your business? Contact us.

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